St. Joseph Ridgeview - PRICE LIST

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Spot Cash
100% spot cash with 5% discount
Option 2: Bank Financing (BDO)
30% DP
First DP payable in 18 months
Second DP payable in 18 months
70% payable through bank financing or pag ibig financing
Additional MRI (3 mos.) - for first 3 months of DP
Reservation Fee:
Celea House Model: PHP 5,000
Cambria House Model: PHP 10,000
Caledonia House Model: PHP 10,000
Cenovia House Model: PHP 20,000
Aryana House Model: PHP 5,000
Aldrina House Model: PHP 10,000


St Joseph Ridgeview Has the Great Features You’ve Always Wanted

A dream home is ideally one that fulfills your wishes and makes you comfortable. Many people usually make a list of what they wish to have in a place they call home. Don’t be afraid to keep adding a few things to that list. You can’t get out there looking for something you are not sure about it. Apart from wasting your time, you’ll end up getting something that might make you regret forever. That’s not, of course, what you would like to go through. If you want to live the life of your dreams, the best place to live is the St. Joseph Ridgeview house & lot property. It has all the features you have always wanted that include the following:

  • Safe neighborhood
  • Proximity to reliable public transport
  • Easy access
  • Modern house designs
  • Beautiful outdoor spaces

St. Joseph Ridgeview is your dream home, and you should act now to make your dream of living in a beautiful place come true. If you’ve promised your family that you’ll one day live in a great location, then that time has finally come, and you need to fulfill your promise. If you need help, feel free to speak to an agent and get every detail you need about St. Joseph Ridgeview. It’s good and indeed fulfilling to live in a great environment. You have found your dream home. Act now and move in with your family.

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